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Letter to the Editor: Public education at stake in Nov. election

DeVos is clear about wanting to demolish public schools and shift to Christian education for all, a violation of the Constitution. So to find out that my delegate in the 20th General Assembly district is of the same mind was disappointing, to say the least.

Some of his bills (thankfully not passed) have tried to introduce religious beliefs into science curriculum, and he wants to create virtual schools for all, taking funds out of the public school budget to do so.

Democracy dies from ignorance. I will certainly not be giving my vote to Richard “Dickie” Bell on Nov. 7. Rather, I will be casting my ballot for Michele Edwards.

The only way forward is through enlightenment, and the only way to enlightenment is a good education.

A democracy can only succeed when all its citizens have equal access to a comprehensive, first-rate education. Let’s strengthen the public schools, not splinter and destroy them from within.

Yvonne Surette

Article in the News Virginian (scroll down)

Committee to Elect Michele Edwards
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