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Letter to the Editor: Edwards’s allegiance is to the voters — not corporations

The answer is donors, specifically the health insurance industry which will reap huge profits if the bill is passed. If you don’t believe this, consider studies demonstrating that when doctors receive gifts from pharmaceutical companies, they are more likely to prescribe that company’s drugs. It’s called reciprocity, where a gift from one person creates a psychological need to respond in kind.

Politicians aren’t necessarily evil (although the Republican health care bill is), it’s just human behavior; something the health insurance industry and other large political donors are well aware of.

That’s why it is important to know who has donated to local politicians. Republican Del. Richard “Dickie” Bell, for example, has accepted money from Dominion Power, Koch Industries, Appalachian Power, Columbia Gas, and the Virginia Coal and Energy Alliance. You can bet these fossil fuel companies will expect his support and vote on bills they want passed.

And what about his opponent, Democrat Michele Edwards? Well, she believes that since individuals and not corporations have the right to vote, her allegiance should be to the voters.

That’s why she does not accept corporate money. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to work with businesses and associations. It’s just that, unlike her rival, she’s not for sale to corporate donors.

Thanks to the Virginia Public Access Project, we can see who has donated to the two candidates. Bell’s list of donors is dominated by businesses, corporations, and associations. All of Edward’s contributors are individuals.

If we ask the question, “Who will best represent the citizens of Staunton, Augusta County and Waynesboro?” — the answer is obviously Michele Edwards.

David Colton

Article in The News Virginian

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